Hello, world!

My name is Anastasia Golovashkina. Did you find me on the internet?

I develop and direct high-impact social media strategies for leading campaigns, companies, and organizations that win awards and generate results. I’m currently a Senior Director at Trilogy Interactive, driving and executing social media strategies for progressive candidates up and down the ballot—and the startups and nonprofits that help elect them, turn out voters, and make our world a better place. Before rejoining our great team, I served as Social Media Director for Elizabeth Warren‘s presidential campaign. 

I’m everywhere on social media—so tweet me a meme, DM me on Instagram, invite me to your favorite Facebook Group, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

In my spare time, I’m always looking for a new song to listen to, a new podcast to listen to, or a new book to read … or listen to. I also work on fun side projects like helping you find your fabulous polling place.